Training is one of the most important factors in sustainability. When people know about a problem, they may work to solve it; when they understand the reason behind the problem, they can work to ensure that it never happens again. Understanding requires education/Training, training that can come through the right information
Your organization will need to communicate its goals and objectives to the public, both to attract more members and to encourage public awareness about important environmental issues. The media (newspapers, magazines, television and radio) can be powerful allies. To achieve success in attracting the attention of the media, you need to fulfill two requirements: 1) find newsworthy ways of projecting your message; and 2) provide clear, professionally-presented information in a form and at a time when the media can make use of it.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Empower your generation, update your work force with the latest ICT educatin. Train them to brace up with the challenges of globalization.
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